Human rights situation in Donbas

The new report on human rights sitution in the temporary occupied regions and the armed conflict zone.

By February 1, 2017 more than 9 800 persons have been killed in the war in Donbas, about 2 300 of whom are civilians. Another 23 455 have been wounded, according to UN figures. 1.6 million of Donbas residents have been internally displaced. The war has caused 15 billion USD worth of damage, according to the estimates. Extensive shelling has caused the most significant destruction: 4233 multistoried residential buildings, 17803 private houses and 1676 social facilities have been damaged or ruined in Donetsk region only. Widespread abductions are another serious human rights issue. According to the latest available figures, the “LPR” and “DPR” abducted about 3200 persons since the beginning of the conflict. 3083
persons have been released through organized exchanges, while another 117 remain in captivity.

On Ukrainian side, as of mid-March 2015, SBU has released 1553 separatists through exchanges. Both the persons detained by the separatists and by Ukrainian volunteer battalions and law-enforcement were subjected to serious human rights abuses.

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This publication is prepared in the framework of the institutional development project of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union under the financial support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine. Opinions, conclusions and recommendations presented in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine or the Swedish Government. The contents are the responsibility of the authors and UHHRU.

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