Office staff

Olexandr Pavlichenko, the Executive Director of UHHRU.

Main responsibilities: general management, strategic planning and oversight of UHHRU activities, coordinating the preparation of projects and programs, overview of reporting, economic activities, human resources policy, formal representation of the organization as well as representation in the Council and at the General Meeting.

Contacts: [email protected]


Maksym Scherbatyuk, Program Director of UHHRU. Graduated from Ternopil Academy of National Economy. 

Main responsibilities: on-going monitoring of the activities in terms of projects and performance evaluation; participation in the development of new programs, determining the need for specific programs, coordinating the preparation of reports for donors, coordinating the work of program directors; program risks assessment and defining the ways of their mitigation.

Contacts: [email protected]


UHHRU Center of Strategic Litigations 

Mykhailo Tarakhkalo – Director of the UHHRU Center of Strategic Litigations. Graduated from Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy, Kharkiv. Master of Laws, lawyer. 

Main responsibilities: overview of strategic litigations, liaison with public advice centers, lawyers and other interested parties; defining strategic work directions and managing the work of strategic defense department; determining and analyzing structural legal problems requiring legal intervention, developing strategic information advocacy campaigns, managing the most complicated strategic litigations.

Contacts: [email protected]


Anastasiya Martynovska, the UHHRU Center of Strategic Litigations lawyer. Graduated from the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, majored in Law (2013, Master) and Translation (2012, Master). 

Main responsibilities: legal representation, participating in the strategy of development in some cases, studying judicial practice of international judicial bodies and domestic courts, preparing reviews and analytic reports, participating in the quality assurance of other outsourcing activity of lawyers, developing recommendations, monitoring of on-going cases, preparing the information about specific cases for further publication.

Contacts: [email protected]


Olena Sapozhnikova, lawyer of the UHHRU Center of Strategic Litigations, editor and analyst of the website. Graduated from Kyiv International University. 

Contacts: [email protected].


UHHRU Analytics

Oleh Martynenko, analytic activity manager. Graduated from Kharkiv State University. Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor.

Main responsibilities: strategic planning and day-to-day overview of analytic activities of UHHRU, in particular establishing of of facts and monitoring, organizing human rights analytic centers, coordinating scientific research work, analyzing tendencies and elaborating the empirical foundation for legislative initiatives, elaborating a practical platform for internship and volunteer activities.

Contacts: [email protected]


Olena Semiorkina, UHHRU expert in the field of lawmaking.

Contacts: [email protected]


Olexiy Bida, UHHRU Documentation Center coordinator.

Contacts: [email protected]


Taras Tsymbrivsky, Head of the USAID program “Human Rights in Action”.
Main responsibilities: general overview of the implementation of the “Human Rights in Action” program, strategic planning and general management of the program.
Contacts: [email protected]


Kseniya Semiorkina, UHHRU monitoring of the implementation of the National Human Rights Strategy of Ukraine coordinator, editor of the portal:

Contacts: [email protected]


UHHRU Public advice centers

Nataliya Kozarenko, Coordinator of UHHRU public advice centers. Education: Odesa Construction Engineering Institute, Kherson Teachers’ Training University. 

Main responsibilities: coordinating joint activities of public advice centers, control of database maintenance, promoting communication between UHHRU and other PACs, gathering information.

Contacts: [email protected]


Oleh Levytskyi, Head of the UHHRU Public advice center in Kyiv, lawyer. Graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv. 

Main responsibilities: management of the Public advice center (PAC) in the Main office, liaison with PACs of member organizations and coordinating their activities, determining general needs of PAC and organizing joint activities.


Victoria Petruk, Lawyer of the UHHRU Public advice center in Kyiv.

Contacts: [email protected]


Maxym Tymochko, Lawyer of the UHHRU Public advice center.

Contacts: [email protected]


Also work in UHHRU office:

Olexander Sadykov – system administrator

Alla Andrusyak – office manager



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