Press conference “The status of Ukrainian captives”

22February 2017

The event will be held at the Glavkom press center ( 8/20 Shovkovychna Str.) on Wednesday at 11:30 am.

The speaker of the press conference will be Nadia Volkova, a lawyer of the Strategic Litigation Center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. The human rights defender will speak about the status of Ukrainian captives, both civilian and military in Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics, legislative aspects of recognition of the armed conflict in the East as an international for the introduction of the status of a captive, rights of prisoners, according to international law.

Nadiya Volkova
Nadiya Volkova

One of the main points of this theme is dividing political and humanitarian issues during negotiations.

‘The main problem of the Minsk agreements is the union of political and humanitarian issues in one process. This leads to the fact that humanitarian issues (such as the release of captives) are used for political purposes,’ said Nadia Volkova.

The press conference will follow a detailed discussion on the already mentioned earlier theme.

Accreditation by phone – +38 044 253 54 74

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