The Conference “Challenge without Response: Hate Crimes against LGBT people in Ukraine”

23February 2018

We invite you to participate in the conference Challenge without Response: Hate Crimes against LGBT people in Ukraine, which will take place on 23 February (Friday) 2018 in Kyiv (Premier Hotel Rus).


(registration is open until 28 January 2018)

Why is this conference?

After selecting a strategic course toward integration into modern Europe, Ukraine’s state authorities and society are no longer able to continue turning a blind eye to the problems that they have completely ignored since gaining independence. One of the major problems is overcoming the consequences of the homophobia that still prevails in Ukraine – in particular the fight to overcome hate crimes against LGBT people. Such crimes, in which the victim is chosen because of belonging to a certain group, are particularly dangerous for society: these crimes create discord, opposing one part of society against the rest and creating an atmosphere in which any member of the targeted community does not feel safe.

Statistical data collected by non-governmental and international organizations indicate a significant spread of hate crimes against LGBT people in Ukraine. But so far, both Ukrainian legislation and state policy in this area are not effective as tools in the fight against the occurrence of such crimes. The purpose of our conference is to draw the attention of the public, government and law enforcement officials to this problem, to assess the current situation, and to propose solutions for the problem’s correction on the basis of the best international practices.

Draft program and additional information (in English):

The organisers:

LGBT Human Rights Nash Mir Center

For 20 years Nash Mir has been engaged in monitoring LGBT rights, providing legal assistance to victims of discrimination and hate crimes based on homo- and transphobia, advocating for equality for the LGBTI community on legislative and political levels, raising awareness about relevant issues, and more.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

UHHRU is the biggest Ukrainian association of human rights NGOs. Its mission is realization and protection of rights and freedoms by promoting practical implementation of humanitarian articles of the Helsinki Final Act (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) adopted in 1975, other international laws based on it and all other obligations accepted by Ukraine in human rights and freedoms sphere.

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