The “20” film about massive shootings at Institutska Street is finally in the Net!

4June 2014

Dear Friends,

The “20. Twenty testaments of lynchpin day of the stand-off on Maidan” film about events took place on morning 20th of February at Institutska Street was created with joint efforts of Euromaidan SOS,, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union , along with multiple dramatic events on Maidan witnesses which took a picture with their mobile devices, — is finally in the Net!

The stand-alone site is created about it, where inter alia you can watch again full version of every heroes’ testament, who we asked to recreate events of that fatal morning by words.

More than three months passed since the moment of massive shootings but we still have no answers to the questions ‘Who was shooting?’ and ‘Who called the shots?’ We will keep on demanding from new government to answer these questions.

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