Social and economic rights of Ukrainians will be protected at international level

19February 2014

If anyone asks, ‘What rights are violated most frequently in Ukraine?’ experts will answer in one voice: ‘Social and economic rights.’ Every day, many people approach human rights organizations asking for advice and assistance in restoring their labor and employment rights, recalculating their pensions, obtaining benefits, etc.

To address this situation, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union held a workshop ‘Legal mechanisms to protect social and economic rights’, which was attended by 20 lawyers from different regions of Ukraine who provide consultations to vulnerable social groups.

Leading Ukrainian experts, including the Legal Officer of the European Court of Human Rights, participated as lecturers at the workshop.

To assist the lawyers an information booklet was developed describing how to prepare applications to the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the European Committee of Social Rights. You can download the booklet HERE.

The event was held as part of the UHHRU project ‘Education and training for Ukrainian lawyers on protecting social and economic rights’ with the financial support of the German Embassy in Ukraine.

This project is part of a distance-learning program on human rights for lawyers, performed in the framework of the Human Rights House Network’s project ‘International Law in Advocacy’. 

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