Chinese issue. Human rights challenges for Ukraine and CEE, options for legal reaction. The Webinar

3August 2021

Chinese issue. Human rights challenges for Ukraine and CEE, options for legal reaction. The Webinar.

Ukrainian-Chinese relations have been on everyone’s radar in Ukraine lately. Of course, this only happened after a series of bold and controversial statements by Ukrainian officials and their multiple appearances in the company of Chinese diplomats. They usually meet to discuss prospects of economic cooperation, yet the issue of human rights is no less deserving of attention, especially after Ukraine, as a result of Beijing’s aggressive “vaccine diplomacy”, withdrew its support from the statement on the human rights situation in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued within the UN Human Rights Council.
Another recent incident involves a 19-year-old student who, fleeing Beijing’s persecution, was subjected to intimidation and was threatened with extradition by Chinese security services while seeking safe haven in Ukraine ( However, the first alarm bells went off even earlier than that. Thus, back in the beginning of 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine asked Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ban an exhibition held in support of Hong Kong, which was essentially an attempt to curtail the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens (
  • That incident failed to elicit any significant reaction from the Ukrainian government, but what if China’s presence in Ukraine becomes stronger, particularly in Ukraine’s economy? What is the price going to be then?
  • What risks does the growing partnership between Kyiv and Beijing present for human rights?
  • What has the experience of our neighbors been like after establishing close ties with China?
  • How Ukraine and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe can and should respond to these challenges from a legal standpoint to protect their citizens as well as promote human rights in China itself?
We will be discussing these issues, free of bias or embellishment, with leading human rights activists and international experts.
— Teng Biao, Pozen Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, President, China Against the Death Penalty (US);
— Joshua Rosenzweig, Deputy Regional Director, East & Southeast Asia & the Pacific Regional Office, Amnesty International;
— Péter Krekó, Senior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis, Executive Director, Political Capital Institute (Hungary).
— Maria Tomak, Coordinator, Media Initiative for Human Rights;
— Dr Kateryna Busol, Lawyer, Centre for Defence Strategies.
The event will be held in English and through the Zoom platform, simultaneous translation into Ukrainian will be provided.
If you would like to participate in the discussion and/or send your questions and comments to the Zoom chat, please register here:
You can also follow the webinar on other platforms. The original English discussion will be broadcasted on the YouTube page of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: The Ukrainian translation of the discussion will be broadcasted on the Facebook pages of the organisers:
— Media Initiative for Human Rights;
— USAID Human Rights in Action Program;
— Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.
This event is a part of #InternationalLawTalks – a series of webinars aimed to facilitate qualitative, interesting and accessible discussions on the topical issues of international law in Ukraine.
For each session, the webinars bring together distinguished professionals from Ukraine and abroad. They contextualise the armed conflict, peace and transitional justice issues in Ukraine within the larger dynamics of international law and international relations.
The aim of the project is twofold: to help Ukrainian legal professionals and the general public see the wider horizons of their native context and to provide more local and regional insight to international colleagues.
A series of webinars #InternationalLawTalks is made possible thanks to USAID Human Rights in Action Program.

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