Zelimkhan Belharoyev could be extradited to Russia despite the ban of the European Court of Human Rights

Ukraine is on the edge of an international scandal. It seems that after the extradition of Kuznyetsov at the request of Russia in 2008, there has been no case, when Ukraine ignores the ban of the European Court of Human Rights to extradite a person to another country. Despite all the political changes in the country, the European Court remained unchallenged authority for the political elites of the country.


Nowadays , the country has a chance to demonstrate a change of attitude to this respected body.

We do not intend to comment on the merits of the charges against Zelimkhan Belharoyev regarding his “participation in a terrorist organization.” One can only note that such accusations are used by the Russian Federation for the political persecution of many our citizens in Crimea.

But this time it is only a temporary ban of the European Court about his extradition to clarify the legality of this issue. Failure to comply with such a ban violates the Convention on Human Rights and questioned the willingness and ability of Ukraine to cooperate with the European Court.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union appeals to the Government of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General to use all necessary mechanisms to prevent the shameful neglect of the European Court and take urgent measures to stop the extradition of Zelimkhan Belharoyeva.

For the attention of all concerned civil servants, we publish the letter of the European Court to Ukraine with all notes of the Government of Ukraine.

Arkadiy Bushchenko,

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

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