What peace do we seek? The Statement of the First December Initiative Group

The hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine did not begin in 2014. A hundred years ago, it was the same: Soviet Russia caused conflicts in Ukraine, created the puppet “Soviet government” hiding behind the names of Kotsiubynsky or Shchors, arranged military interventions… And some political leaders of the UNR could not get rid of illusions, hoping to build independent socialist Ukraine under the “patronage” of democratic Russia!


Soon we had to pay lives, Ukrainian independence, millions of victims for the illusions.

Because of the imperial nature of Russia. Until the Russian people has not survived catharsis, depriving their national idea of its imperial nature, the concept of “democratic Russia” will not have anything to do with reality. The modern Russia does not need independent Ukraine; it needs obedient Little Russia.

So we can only dream of peace.

The Russian government perceives willingness to compromise as a weakness of the opposite side. Agreements for it are nothing more than worthless pieces of paper. Its weapons are lies, treachery, disregard for international law. It lives with instincts of the brutal empire that lost its “greatness” and now wants to get it back at any cost.

Remember this.

Evil “peacekeepers” – both within Ukraine and abroad – call us to be lowly lambs. We are offered “peace” at the expense of surrendering. But let us remember Franko’s words ‘Tranquility is holy in peaceful time. And if you call to stay calm at the time of the robbery, you are either betrayer or coward.’

Ukraine is really tired of war. But hardship united us as a nation. We pay a high price for the right and the opportunity to be free – and are stronger than we have been until now. We better understand that no one can defeat Ukraine if we do not destroy it from within. That is why we are concerned about the state of Ukraine’s political elite, its greed, the readiness to dissolve the state’s interests in the “painful compromises” for their own interests, the indifference to the basic needs of common people. No strategic vision of our ruling elite disturbs us.

The world does not like weak – we have verified this. So our only way is to become strong. Spiritually, economically, military.

Becoming strong, we can win and achieve peace.

We want a decent peace.

We do not want illusory “peace”, received in exchange for our national interests; such “peace” only encourages the enemy to a new aggression.

We want to be a monolithic, united, free nation that is firmly standing on its feet and the others consider us.


the First December Initiative Group

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