Ukrainian Railways heed human rights organization’s objections to cuts

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received a letter from Ukrzaliznytsa [Ukrainian Railways] in response to its appeal on 5 December to reconsider its decision to cut a number of train routes. UHHRU stressed that in a country where many places have only rail connections and where most people do not have cars, this will have grave impact on people’s mobility.

Given Ukrzaliznytsa’s monopoly, and the lack of alternative transport being provided, this effectively constitutes a violation of people’s rights,

Ukrzaliznytsa has responded by recognizing the social significance of one route, that between Lviv and Kyiv and the train is to be retained.

Since the number of train routes cut remains high, Maxim Shcherbatyuk, UHHRU lawyer, suggests some methods for those affected.  He points out that one of the main arguments which Ukrzaliznytsa is using is that regional administrations are heavily in arrears with paying in cases where people are entitled to concessions on transport. Maxim therefore suggests, since Ukrzaliznytsa is claiming that they’re not to blame, turning to the regional administrations and demanding that they settle the arrears.

UHHRU still awaits response from the Anti-Monopoly Committee regarding the cuts.


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