UHHRU will present two reports on the situation in front-line cities of the eastern Ukraine during OSCE HDIM 2018 in Warsaw

The side-event under the name “Truth finding and Prosecution War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in Eastern Ukraine” presents the work of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU/ Kyiv) in documenting and promoting the international prosecution of war crimes as well as the restauration of historical truth.
Two reports on the situation in front-line cities cover the developments since 2014 and are part of the series “Story of a City”, conducted by the UHHRU.

Members of the working group on transitional justice for Ukraine in the framework of the international NGO-platform CivilM+ will present their current work on the development of a concept for transitional justice.

Oleksii Bida (UHHRU, Kyiv)
Vitalia Lebid (UHHRU, Kyiv)
Yuliya Erner (DRA, Berlin)
Aleksandr Cherkasov (Memorial, Moscow)
Valerij Novikov (Alternativa, Kyiv)

The international and multilaterial NGO-platform CivilM+ for conflict resolution in Eastern Ukraine unites NGOs and experts from Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. The secretariat of the platform is currently run by DRA (Berlin).

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