UHHRU backs project “Children drawing a fairy tale”

Journalist and writer Oleg Shynkarenko and advocate Olena Sapozhnikova (UHHRU) create a book with drawings made by children in distress

The project started at the beginning of January when the authors acquired books for the child artists as a gift for their drawings.


The first author, writer and journalist Oleg Shynkarenko, started a fairy tale series about Sophia the Owl, who helps forest animals with their problems. According to him, forest troubles are not unlike the conflicts that children themselves face every day. After a public reading, children from the audience create artwork for the authors to select for their book. The result will be printed by one of Ukrainian publishing houses.

Oleg Shynkarenko
Oleg Shynkarenko

The project is currently funded by its initiators – Oleg Shynkarenko and Olena Sapozhnikova. Writer and human rights activist Larysa Denysenko and Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union are also involved in the project. The authors invite writers, artists, partners and benefactors to take part in the initiative. You can support the project financially by transferring funds to PrivatBank account 5168-7573-1634-5554 (indicating the transfer’s purpose as “Children drawing a fairy tale”), or by providing books to children after the titles are agreed on.


The authors can be reached on the project’s Facebook page.

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