Three generations of owners of the Ukrainian media

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has continued its investigation and published information on  three generations of owners of the leading media outlets in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Yavorsky, Executive Director of UHHRU explains:  “The aim of our investigation was to shed light on the extremely non-transparent ownership structure on the Ukrainian media market and to satisfy the need and right of the members of the public to information. The media owners play a substantial role in the formation of the media information policy in Ukraine, and journalists are not sufficiently independent.  In such conditions it is absolutely vital to know “who” is providing the information in order to reduce the effect of manipulative techniques”.

In fact this should be carried out by the relevant state bodies – the National Television and Broadcasting Council and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (with regard to the printed media).  They, however, do not carry out what is one of their key functions in a democratic society and fail to ensure transparency of control of the media.

The information available clearly demonstrates the ineffectiveness of Ukrainian  legislation and regulatory bodies since, as is clear from our investigation, most influential media outlets are effectively controlled by foreign offshore companies with information about their founders being virtually impossible to track down. This situation is unacceptable for one of the biggest and socially significant markets in the country.

Information was obtained from open sources (departments of state statistics, agencies on developing the infrastructure of the stock market, state registrars) when not otherwise indicated.  During our investigation a civil suit was won against a state registrar’s office which had refused to provide information about the founders of certain television channels.

As well as television channels, human rights activists have also established the founders of the Journal “Personnel” and the All-Ukrainian general political and educational weekly “Personnel Plus”. Interest in these outlets is no accident and was determined by the publicity over particular things published in them.

The next study undertaken by UHHRU is to deal with the main printed media outlets and will include a general analysis of the printed and electronic media.  Its publication is planned for the beginning of 2007.

The studies are carried out as part of the work of the UHHRU Fund for Strategic Litigations which receives financial assistance from the International Renaissance Foundation.

The results of the previous study can be found at:

index.php?id=1138097813 in Ukrainian [and in the article by Viacheslav Yakubenko: “Who’s living in my telly?”, in English, at:

For more information please contact:  Volodymyr Yavorsky

+38 066 2926536

Who controls the Ukrainian media[1]

Name of the media outlet

Founders of the first generation

Founders of the second generation

Founders of the third generation


Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC) “Ukrainska Nezalezhna TV-korporatsiya” [“Ukrainian Independent TV-Corporation” (TV Channel “Inter”) :

1. Russian Public Television (ORT) (Russia, from September 2002 “First Channel”) – 29%

1.  Ministry of state property of Russia  – 38,9 %

2.  Federal unitary enterprise “Federal technical centre” – 3 %

3. ITAR-TASS[2] – 9,1 %

4.  CJSC „ORT KB (Consortium of banks) – 24 %

5. Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) EberLInk” – 11 %

6.  OJSC „RastrCom 2002” – 14 %

1-3 founders belong to the state (51 %)

4-6 – are controlled by R. Abramovich “RastrCom 2002”  та „EberLink” through offshore companies registered on the Seychelles Islands and in Panama, and through OJSC “Akmos-Trade”, registered in the Chukotsk Autonomous Area of the RF[3]

2. The Ukrainian Association of economic cooperation and development “Dilovy svit” [“Business world”] – 51%

1. Limited Liability Company (LLC) “Bersted Ukraina”

1.  The Company “Bersted Limited” [British Virgin Islands) – 99,77%

2.  – The Law firm “Konnov and Sozanovsky”  – 0,23%

2. LLC  “R.I.F. Service”

1. LLC  “Bersted Ukraina” – 99,9%

2. Collective enterprise – the legal firm “Pravokon” ( – 0,1%

3. LLC “Play Enterprises”

1. LLC  “Bersted Ukraina” – 99,9%

2. CJSC “Kharchoprom leasing”  -0,1%

4. ЗАТ СК „Синдек”

1. LLC “Play Enterprises” – 99,7%

2. LLC  “Financial contracts” – 0,2%

3. LLC “International media projects” (partner of TV Channel Inter) – 0,1%

5. The Law firm “Konnov and Sozanovsky”

3. The LLC “Pegas Television” – 20%

1. Ihor Oleksandrovych Pluzhnikov (died in June 2005), however the authorities have the same information – 82,5%

2. The Company “Pegas and overseas sales limited” (British Virgin Islands) – 17,3%

3. LLC  “Bersted Ukraina” – 0,2%

1.  The Company “Bersted Limited” [British Virgin Islands) – 99,77%

2.  The Law firm “Konnov and Sozanovsky”  – 0,23%


“The television studio – limited liability company “Studio 1+1”

1. Oleksandr Rodnyansky – 70 %

2. “Inozemne pidpryemstvo [the foreign enterprise] “Inter Media”  (resident of Ukraine) – 30 %

1. “INNOVA-FILM GMBKh” registered in Dusseldorf (Germany) (information as of 1 December 2005) – controlling package

1. Oleksandr Rodnyansky (25 %)

2.Boris Fuksman (25 %)

3. Central Media Enterprises  Media Enterprises B.V. (50 %)

2. LLC “Studio 1+1”

1.  Foreign enterprise “Inter Media”

2.  Oleksandr Rodnyansky[4]


LLC “International commercial television and radio company” (ICTV)

1.  The foreign investment enterprise «Royal Capital», – 23,38%

The Company “Royal Commodities LLC” (foreign legal entity)

2.  LLC «Tsentralny Moskovsky depositary” [“Central Moscow Depositary” (Russia, Moscow,, 30 shareholders) – 29,85%,

3.  A subsidiary company “Promidiya” – 20,82%

There is no information about the founders in the Single State Register of Businesses and Organizations

4. A subsidiary company «Agency of information technologies» – 12,89%

The Private enterprise “Street television”

Olena Mykolayivna Bilokurova (possible family link with the ex-director of the Nikolsk Southern Pipe Factory, General Director of the Ukrainian Association of Ferrous Metallurgy businesses “Ukrmet” Dmitry Bilokurov

5. The small innovative enterprise «Interpipe» – 13,06%

1. Viktor Mykhailovych Pinchuk

2. Sophia Josipivna Pinchuk

3. Mykhailo Aronovych Pinchuk


The Closed Joint Stock Company «Novy kanal» [New channel]:

1.  The foreign investment enterprise «INNOTEX»,– 1%

2.  The Closed Joint Stock Company «NK-HOLDING». – 99%

1. Londonderry Trading, Inc (British Virgin Islands) – 24.975 %

2. St.Andrews Worldwide Ltd. (British Virgin Islands) – 24.975 %

3. Waterford Marketing ltd (British Virgin Islands) – 24.975 %

4. Bantry Affiliates Limited (British Virgin Islands) – 14.975 %

5. Private enterprise “Starlight” -10 %[5]


The Closed Joint Stock Company «International Media Centre – STB»

1.  CJSC ЗАТ “International Media Centre”

1.  Andriy Abramovych Shapovalov

2.  The firm “Caspari Raipenseese SNK” (foreign legal entity)

2.  The Company “Shachar Enterprises” (USA)- 23,49%

3.  The corporation “Internews netyouron “k” (USA) – 6,26%


The Limited Liability Company “Television and radio company “Expressinform” – “5 kanal” [“Channel 5”]

1.  CJSC “Ukrainian Industrial Investment Concern”  – 60%

1.  Fairbrook Enterprises Limited, The Isle of Man  – 24.9337 %

2.  Willenhall Trading Limited, Isle of Man  – 24.9337 %

3.  Ukrprominvest Holding Ltd, Panama – 24.9337 %

4.  “Agroprodimpex Cyprus Limited, Cyprus – 24.9337%[6]

2.  A subsidiary company «Expressinform-studio»– 40%.

The information agency “Expressinform” (

1.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  – 25 %

2.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  –  25 %

3.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  – 25 %

4.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  –  25 %[7]


The foreign investment enterprise – limited liability company «Television and radio company «NBM» – “5 kanal”:

1.  The private company “Cocoa and sugar international” (Belgium),

 – 27,5%

2.  The Limited Liability Company «Transat-Brok». – 72,5%

“Agroprodimpex Cyprus Limited”, Cyprus  – (98 %)[8]


The subsidiary enterprise “Era – TV – Production ”

LLC “Television company Era”

1.  Tetyana Viacheslavivna Prykhodko

2.  Volodymyr Petrovych Melnyk

3.  LLC “The Ukrainian Independent Information Agency “Republic”


4.  The private enterprise “Teroks”   


LLC “Television Company Era-Radio”

1.  Ihor Oleksandrovych Lotashevsky (General Director of Radio “Era”

2.  The private enterprise “Foundation for the Development of the Information Realm”

Oksana Volodymyrivna Terekhova 


The Closed Joint Stock Company “Television and radio compnay “Ukraina”

1.  CJSC  “Dongorbank” – 86.5343 %

1.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  – 87.0968 %

2.  Other shareholders unknown.

2.  Cjsc “System Capital Management” -13.1382 %

1.  Rinat Akhmetov  – 90 %

2.  Unknown individual – resident of Ukraine  –10 %


The Limited Liability Company «Television Studio «Sluzhba informatsiyi” [“Information Service”] – channel NTN:

1.  LLC “Capitalinvest” – has control

1. Association of Donbas Accounting and Financial Centre of financial, industrial and trading enterprises (Donetsk)  

1.  LLC “Adomakha” (Donetsk)

2.  LLC “Lyubo”

2. LLC “Skhidavtotrans”

1.  Leonid Ivanovych Bredikhin

2.  Andriy Mykhailovych Fedoruk

3.  LLC “Investholding” (foundings of Investholding are O.M. Otin, R.S. Lysenko.)

3. CJSC “Company for the management of assets “Altera Asset Management” (

There is no information about the founders in the Single State Register of Businesses and Organizations

2.  An unnamed legal entity with the identification code 32727508


The Closed Joint Stock Company «Television company TET»:

1.  Ihor Surkis – 20,001% (younger brother of Hryhory Surkis)

2.  LLC “Investprojekt” – 19,999 %

1.  Omelyan Oleksandrovych Kovalyk

2.  The company “Nolkis Management Limited” “British Virgin Islands)

3.  The Added Liability Company «ОМЕТА private» 

– 29,999 %

1.  CJSC “Ukrainian Industrial and Financial Concern “Slavutych”

1. Valentin Arsentiyovych Zhurovsky

2.  Ihor Rakhmilyovych Surkis (younger brother of Hryhory Surkis)

3.  Yury Mykolayovych Karpenko

4.  Yury Ivanovych Lyakhх (died in December 2004)

5.  “Newport management LTD” (foreign legal entity)

6.  “Ubaros invest & trade INC” (foreign legal entity)

7.  “Berlee management CORP” (foreign legal entity)

2.  LLC “Planeta-Brok”

1 The  company “Solvere”

2.  CJSC “Planeta-Okean”

3.  The  company “Solvere”

1.  Pavlo Petrovych Stukonog (The Added Liability Company «ОМЕТА private», General Director)

2.  Pavlo Orestovych Prysyazhnyuk  (LLC “OMETA-Trust”, General Director)

3.  Pavlo Nikifororovych Nikitenkov

4.  The Added Liability Company «ОМЕТА private»

4.  – The Company «Suniflеon Holding Limited»,

(British Virgin Islands) – 10%

5.  Компанія “Shonest Investments Limited” (British Virgin Islands) – 19,999 %


The Open Joint Stock Company “Television Channel TONIS”

1.  V.O. Kosterin –  30.5271 %

2.  LLC “DKD 04″ – 23.0828 %

3. N.O. Zhylina  – 14 %

4.  LLC “Drivadelprojekt-747″ – 12.1488 %

5. Others owning no more than 10% of the shares  – 20.2413 %


The Journal “Personnel”, All-Ukrainian general political and educational weekly “Personnel Plus”

“Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management [MAUP]

1.  Georgiy Vasylyovych Shokhin (President of MAUP)

2.  Antonina Mykhailivna Kravchuk

3.  Gennadiy Volodymyrovych Solovyov

4.  Ihor Vasylyovych Mazypo

5.  Volodymyr Illich Yarovoy (member of the Ukrainian Conservative Party, Vice-President and Professor of the Department of environmental studies and teacher training of the Ukrainian-Russian Institute of Management and Business named after Boris Yeltsin of MAUP)

6.  Valery Mykhailovych Bebik (MAUP)

7.  Vasyl Hryhorovych Korotkin (member of the Ukrainian Conservative Party, in charge of affairs, secretary of the presidium of  MAUP)

8.  Mykola Fedorovych Holovaty (First Vice-President and Rector of MAUP)

9.  Rostyslav Georgiovych Shokin (First Vice-President on socio-economic development of MAUP) 

10.  Volodymyr Makarovych Matviychuk (Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine)

11.  Dmytro Ivanovych Tkach (Special Ambassador to Hungary)

12.  Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Kosmin

[1]  The study was undertaken by Volodymyr Yavorsky, Viacheslav Yakubenko and Maxim Shcherbatyuk. The investigation considers information as of particular, different times, however most of the information was received in May – June 2006

[2]  This information about the second generation of Russian Public Television is unofficial

[3]  Unofficial information

[4]  Information as of 1 January 1997 Although Central Media Enterprises states that it controls 60 % of TV Channel “1+1”: see the official website

[5]  Unofficial information

[6]  Information from the State institution «Agency for the development of  the infrastructure of the stock market of Ukraine” as of 13 January 2005. 

[7]  Information from the State institution «Agency for the development of  the infrastructure of the stock market of Ukraine” as of 30 September 2003

[8]  Unofficial information

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