This week, a series of presentations of the Memorial Map will take place in Donbas


In 2017, UHHRU created the interactive Memorial Map ( – a modern resource that collected and visualized information about 10 thousand fallen, including those from DPR/ LPR.

The hybrid armed conflict in Ukraine is accompanied by intense information warfare on both sides. One of its components is concealing the presence of servicemen on the part of the Russian Federation, and concealing the real circumstances of the death of the civilian population and the military on the part of Ukraine. In the media of both countries, there is a rather controversial information about the fallen combatants, who were non-residents of the both countries of the conflict.

No open lists of victims and no access to reliable information provides plenty opportunities for manipulating the consciousness of citizens of Ukraine and Russia, distortion of the real situation in the conflict zone, and the complication of peacekeeping activities of international organizations. The fragmentation and controversy of databases that currently exist in government and NGOs complicate the formation of state information policy and effective counteraction to false information. These factors at the same time create a permanent threat to the rights of citizens to access information, social protection, and legal assistance.

Building on the mechanisms of transitional justice, being aware of the need to identify and memorialize victims as the first step towards reconciliation and objective coverage of events, we invite all to join us in clarifying the circumstances of death, and identify each, who died in eastern Ukraine:


Until the last soldier is buried, the war isn’t over.

Presentations of the Memorial Map resource will be held next week in the ATO zone.

25.09 at 14:00 – Severodonetsk (54 Central Avenue)

27.09 at 15:00 – Kramatorsk (1 Marata Str.)

28.09 at 16:00 – Toretsk (31 Druzhby Str., 31, TC “Continent”, 2nd floor, office 23)

29.09 at 16:00 – Pokrovsk (24b Shakhtarskyi District)

30.09 at 15:30 – Mariupol (79 Heorhievska Str.)

Activities take place within the framework of the Transition Promotion Program project, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The creation of the Memorial Map resource was initiated within the framework of the USAID project, and the current improvement was made possible thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


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