There is no fair trial in Ukraine

If the Ukrainian football combined team lost so many matches as our country loses cases in the European Court for human rights, the coach of that team would be turned out of the country and held up to shame in all newspapers. Yesterday the European Court for human rights made public 5 more decisions against Ukraine where it unanimously recognized violation of the right for fair trial by the country. There is a question, when will it change? The answer: never, since the government doesn’t even try to solve this problem. 

According to these actually identical in their essence cases five Ukrainians, Oleksandr Dolhov from Ilovaysk, Ivan Nazarchuk from Dolynsk, Serhiy Pirianyk from Pryvole, Heorhiy Sharko from Donetsk and Anatoliy Shcherbakov from Lysychansk after getting decisions in their favor on absolutely different cases couldn’t obtain their fulfillments, what is an obvious violation of the right for fair trial guaranteed by clause 6 of the European Convention about human rights and fundamental freedoms.  

The peculiarity of these cases lay in the fact that they were not connected with paying out salary as all preceding decisions. That is the matter deals not with a legislative problem our government used to refer to and which our parliamentarians don’t want to solve, particularly, regarding bankruptcy of enterprises with the state part of property. The question is in institutional problems and unsatisfactory work of the executive service.

One more interesting moment is that the decisions were fulfilled right after lodging a complaint to the European Court and sending the materials for communication to the Ukrainian government. It proves one more time that the given decisions were not fulfilled only because of the state bodies’ negligence.

On the whole, the decisions on these cases were not fulfilled from one year and 8 months to more than four years.

Ukraine is to pay out to the claimants over 7 thousand euros altogether.

Volodymyr Yavorsky


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