The state committee for nationalities and migrations will account for no-purpose use of the budget costs

The examination conducted by the Counting chamber of Ukraine detected that the State committee for nationalities and migrations and its local institutions on an inappropriate level managed the budget costs allotted in 2003-2004 for granting aid to refugees and setting up centers of illegal migrants, – reports the press-service of the Counting chamber. The materials of the examination were sent to the General prosecution of Ukraine.     

The average worth of maintaining one refugee in the center of temporary placement cost for the budget of Ukraine in 2003 811 hryvnias, in 2004 – 848 hryvnias. At the same time the declared level of social protection of citizens of Ukraine these years constituted 342 hryvnias and 362 hryvnias for one person, and actually wasn’t ensured by the state.    

Auditors detected that 1.6 million hryvnias were used for another purpose, 1.3 million hryvnias – inefficiently, 6.8 million hryvnias – with violation of the acting legislation, including the non-observance of the Law of Ukraine “About purchasing goods, works and services for the state costs” – 6.4 million hryvnias.

The use of the costs by the State committee for nationalities and migrations was accompanied by ungrounded administrative decisions. Investing budget costs by the State committee for nationalities and migrations in establishing two additional centers of placing refugees, while fillability of the acting Odesa center constitutes only 18.4%, makes considerable unwarrantable expenses from the state budget. The Odesa center of temporary refugees’ placement is able to provide temporary dwelling annually for not less than 1000 persons or in three times more than those who accrued this right in Ukraine in 2004.    

The decision of the State committee for nationalities and migrations on establishing two more centers (in Yahotyn, Kyiv region, for 457 places, and Perechynsk, Zakarpattia region for 100 places) were ungrounded, and purchasing and reconstruction of buildings done for that caused inefficient use of 13.7 million hryvnias of the budget costs.

By the resolutions of the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine No 803-р and No 637-р to the State committee for nationalities and migrations (by its initiative) were passed from the Ministry of defense two military camps (camp No 7, Volyn region, and No 1, Chernihiv region), what allowed the State committee for nationalities and migrations organizing business activity in the domain of authorities of other departments.      

These bulky complexes (the camp No 7 includes 77 buildings located on the area of 601.4 hectares, camp No 1, respectively, 49 buildings on 33.05 hectares) in a few times exceed the need of buildings necessary for placing illegal migrants and require considerable expenses from the state budget to maintain them.

Establishing by the State committee for nationalities and migrations the centers for temporary stay of migrants on the base of disbanded military departments and avoiding accepting from the State frontier service the place designed for keeping illegal migrants “Pavshyne”, reasoning from the suggestions of winners of tenders, the contract agreements concluded with them and the project-estimate documentation for reconstruction of objects for these centers, will lead to inefficient use of budget costs in the amount of 52.7 million hryvnias.      

As auditors detected, the State committee for nationalities and migrations used for settling illegal migrants in the camp No 7 – 10 buildings, and in No 1 – 9 buildings. To use the rest of the state property the authorities of the State committee for nationalities and migrations set up three state companies and two companies for public utilities, the activities of which don’t correspond to the tasks given to this central executive power body.      


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