The society needs efficient ecological policy

In the Appeal the ecologists suggest proclaiming ecology in one of the first decrees of the president a priority direction among the seven major activities of the President. They also suppose that “a criterion of quality of the president’s government is to become index of people’s development increasing that reflects the equilibrium of economic, ecologic and social component of the social life quality”.

The ecologists also stress that the President is to recognize a special importance of Ukraine’s keeping to the Orugue convention – both as a convention and as a mechanism of mass involvement of citizens to democracy. They also appealed Viktor Yushchenko not to take any decision that can influence environment without procedurally regulated participation of the society (public and parliamentarian hearings, referendums, public eco-expertise, etc.).

The ecologists paid attention of the government that the root of the eco-problems lies in the low level of eco-training, eco-instruction and eco-education. They demand from the leaders of all levels keeping to the requirements of article 7 of the profile Law “About the protection of environment”: “Ecologic knowledge is an obligatory qualifying requirement for all officials whose activity is connected with natural recourses usage and influences the environment”.

“The state informational policy should be changed, stimulating social demand for ecologic information and popularization of healthy life-style”, – it is stated in the Appeal. “The problems are to be elucidated in news and educational programs of mass media, on the web-sites of state institutions daily (as in the “Euro News” programs), and not only when something explodes or leaks, someone poisons oneself or falls sick. The truth of consequences is not enough, the truth of causes is necessary”.

As one of the ways of solving the problem of environment, ecologists suggest conducting a reform of the administration bodies system, regulation and control in the domain of environmental protection, nature management and balanced development. It was outlined when Viktor Yushchenko headed the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, but because of insufficient processing, inconsistency and lack of dialogue with the society the idea remained an idea. In the framework of the reform one offer to liquidate resource state committees-patrimonies providing distribution of management and economic functions, independence of regulating, management, expertise and control. According to the article 20 of the profile Law, the Ministry of environment is to become the main working body of processing and conducting the state eco-policy, particularly coordinating with all other state bodies.

Besides, in the opinion of the ecologists, it’s necessary to publicly discuss the activity (and they suppose – rather inactivity) of the State eco-inspection and environmental prosecution. To reform them so that there is neither doubling, nor uncontrolled zones in activity of any governmental bodies, including the Cabinet of Ministers. “Real sanctions are to be effected, not paper ones”, – it is stated in the appeal. As an example of a positive sample to be followed the ecologists stated the activity of the Counting chamber.

The ecologists appealed to oblige the state administration bodies involving NGO to revise the so-called “programs” (national, state, governmental, field, regional, etc.), particularly – in the ecologic sphere. To annul those which are propagandistic but not managing documents. In addition, the ecologists pointed out the necessity to work out National Action Plans, particularly in order to fulfill the Ukraine’s obligations according to international conventions. “To introduce program-target methods of management and post of managers with concrete personified responsibility for efficient and transparent management, specific results, keeping deadlines. First of all to introduce the post of a representative of the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine for the problem of the climate changes”, – it is added in the appeal.

The activists of the eco-movement asked to support allotting in the state budget a special ecologic section and offered to take into consideration the balance between the intake for environment and ecologic expenses. Taxes, as well as payments for using environment are to be paid first of all to the local budgets where these enterprises work and make harm. Not less than 5% of environmental costs are to be directed to the ecologic education and information, to the tenders preceding these measures NGOs are to be involved – consider the ecologists.

The ecologists also acknowledged the sad fact that the so-called ‘political reform’ wasn’t publicly discussed. But they offered amendments to the Constitution that would indicate the right of the public society to control the bodies of government, force structures and political parties. On the basis of analysis of the reasons for mass post and other crimes committed by officials during the Kuchma’s government and social circumstances promoting them to amend the Law of Ukraine “About the state service”, laws about force structures and other laws forming the system of government in Ukraine.

One of the main in the Appeal became a clause about ensuring transparency and grounding staff policy in the environmental bodies and adjacent departments. “Professionalism in management, education, environmental experience, non-involvement in anti-ecological of corruption activity, ability to assert ecologic principles and constructively work with the community are to be above all”, – it is said in the Appeal.

Representatives of the ecologic NGO demand from the President that appointing the Minister, deputies and heads of environmental departments should be on the competitive basis with obligatory responsiveness of public opinion. As an example of non-fulfillment of this requirement the ecologists stated appointing the new minister of ecology Ihnatenko whom disputed almost all public organizations dealing with environmental protection.

As commented on the disagreement with appointing the new minister Serhiy Fedotynchyk, “Green World” organization: “We are not against if – if there was a candidate regarding whom there was the confidence of NGOs that they won’t have to blush for him. But since opinions on concrete candidates differed, it would be funny to make the discord public. That’s why a competition is the best solution. Moreover it corresponds to the Law “About state service”. And Yushchenko himself passed a competition called “elections”.

The Appeal to the President was signed by 123 organizations and experts, so far there is no response or reaction from the Administration.

Viktoria Onyshchenko,


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