The report “Human Rights in Ukraine” from human rights defending organizations is being used by European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has conducted the monitoring of ECHR judgments in concern to Ukraine and noticed that the Court refers in his judgments to data from annual human rights defending organizations report*

In particular, mentions of the report are included at least in five cases:

Verentsov versus Ukraine

Yakovenko versus Ukraine

Lutsenko versus Ukraine

Karabet&others versus Ukraine

Makarenko versus Ukraine

Data from annual reports “Human Rights in Ukraine” for finding out more are available HERE


* The Report “Human Rights in Ukraine” is universal document, which is used by domestic and international organizations in order to estimate general condition of observance of human rights in Ukraine. It is issued annually since 2004. More than 30 human rights defending organizations from all regions of Ukraine have participated in report compilation.


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