The project of the Criminal-procedural code is back

As RUPOR was informed, on March 14 the project of the Criminal-procedural code, whereof many already forgot, is again submitted on the coordinative council of factions in the parliament. Recently recommendations and remarks of the European Council experts have been published in a hundred pages which generally can be defined in one word “defeat”.

In the rubric “Focus of interest of human rights activists” on our website there are remarks of the experts of the European Council regarding the project of the Criminal-procedural code. Even a fleeting glance at these remarks points to conceptual contradiction of the project to the human rights and fundamental freedoms defined by the European Convention on human rights and fundamental freedoms. It fully shows a vision of criminal persecution of a person by a repressive country when a person is defenseless before the law machinery.

Despite the criticism of not only Ukrainian human rights activists but also experts, actually unchanged the project was again, already for the third time submitted for the consideration of the parliament.

Extremely interesting is the fact that in the parliament the Criminal-procedural code is promoted by a representative of “Our Ukraine”, deputy and former judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Volodymyr Moysyk and a representative of the party’s “United Ukraine” faction Oleksandr Bandurka.

Strange seem the statements of the government about the European integration on the background of complete neglecting of the European Council’s conclusions regarding the fundamental law on ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We suppose that the given project is to be rejected, it’s necessary to establish a new working group at the Committee of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine on legal policy and start working anew. Since it seems that with the old lawmakers we one can find oneself in the year 1933.

Volodymyr Yavorsky


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