The Pecherskyi Court has satisfied the claim concering the fact of kidnapping of Colonel Beziazykov

The Court has bounded the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to investigate the facts of kidnapping

The Pecherskyi Court satisfied the claim, filed by lawyers of Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ivan Beziazykov and ordered the Kyiv prosecutor’s office to investigate the facts of kidnapping, which took place on 13 and 14 December 2016 (case no. 757/29686/17, Judge Batryn O.V.). It is about repeated illegal detention of Beziazykov that took place without a decision of the investigating judge.

Lawyer Oleh Veremiienko
Lawyer Oleh Veremiienko

The defender of Colonel Beziazykov is Oleh Veremiienko, a lawyer the Strategic Litigations Center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. Lawyers of UHHRU also represent the case of Beziazykov at the European Court of Human Rights.

We recall that the Prosecutor General’s Office accused Colonel Beziazykov in cooperation with the heads of the so-called DPR. Oleh Veremiienko, a lawyer of Oleh Beziazykov, claims that his client could not do it because he spent in the basement all the time during the arrest.

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