The minister Lutsenko expands his possessions

A few days ago by the Secretariat of the President we found an interesting initiative of the minister of internal affairs Yuriy Lutsenko. On the sidewalk there is a white stand with an announcement “Reception of citizens’ claims for the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine”. Nearby there is a white bus where the claims are actually accepted. As we were informed by the investigator Yuriy Shytyi who accepts citizens, the mini-reception works in the same regime as the reception of the Ministry and doesn’t exclude other work. That is claims are accepted in both, Bohomoltsia and Bankova streets. It was a personal initiative of Lutsenko, whether there are such receptions in other cities of Ukraine neither Yuriy Shytyi, not the bus driver knows. The driver also said that such out actions have been lasting for almost a month and 2-10 people come there every day.  

As the public relations department of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine informed, the traveling reception was established in the framework of the program of the Cabinet of ministers “Meeting people” aiming at providing legal consultations and legal assistance for the population, reacting to citizens’ claims. The mini-reception works every day except for Saturday and Sunday, 11 am – 2 pm, and accepting people is accomplished according to days of the week by officers of the Departments of social safety and internal safety, the General investigatory department, the Criminal investigation department, the Department of documents and regime. 

According to Mykhaylo Kovalda, the chief of the Department of documents and regime, due to the instruction of the minister of internal affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, all claims addressed to him are passed personally to the head of the Ministry. “It should be mentioned, that our officers accept from people both written and oral claims which are obligatory registered. After that citizens’ claims are sent to corresponding departments of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine. After the provided facts have been examined, not later that in a month everyone who appealed will receive a written response”, – Mr. Kovaldo said.

Citizens are accepted by experienced specialists of the central apparatus of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine of posts not lower than head of a department. Thus, everyone can not only appeal with complaints and requests, but also get qualified legal assistance.

Viktoriya Onyshchenko


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