The mayor of Chernihiv became father for all children of the city at once

As the newspaper “Vysoky Val” reports, in Chernihiv struggle with children’s love to computers was initiated. The mayor signed a resolution about intensifying control over children’s visiting computer clubs, videotheques, discotheques and other entertainment establishments. 

According to the head of the education department of the city council Nataliya Yeshchenko, now there are reasons to speak about computer dependence of teenagers. A part of Chernihiv schoolchildren spend most of their spare time in computer clubs, wasting the money parents give them for food or other expenses. In view of this, one can come to the conclusion that computer games are not considered to be other expenses. Besides, as if there are cases when children, deceiving their parents, miss school and also steal.  

The mayor guesses that the resolution deals with reduction of negative influence on health of the growing generation, since often computer clubs are situated in poorly lit and aired buildings, and children spend before monitors a few hours without a break.

The resolution of the mayor approved a plan of measures to control observing law and order and ethic norms in entertainment establishments of the city. Particularly, examinations of corresponding services are presupposed to reveal children and teenagers who beg and infringe the law. Counteraction to illegal circulation of drugs and psychotropic substances is to be strengthened in the city.

Now the mayor of Chernihiv, who started taking care of all children of the city at once, is only to fix a rate owing to which this service will avoid some clubs, and also to thoroughly think how to regulate communication of children with their own home computers.   

Viktoriya Onyshchenko


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