The Cherkasy public reception of UHHRU continues to work with children and teach them human rights

December 2016 was no exception. On the occasion of Human Rights Day, the public reception of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union held two awareness-raising events with children at the Cherkasy Regional Library for Youth Named After V. Symonenko and Cherkasy Secondary School no. 32.

The Cherkasy reception of UHHRU pays much attention to the work in the field of non-formal education in schools of Cherkassy on the topic of human rights and children’s rights. Thus, on the occasion of Human Rights Day in December, the trainings were held at the Cherkasy Regional Library for Youth Named After V. Symonenko and Cherkasy Secondary School no. 32.

‘The work with children is a pleasure, especially if you teach them their rights. The children listen to you with interest about the history of human rights and their evolution. During our meetings, we explain the kinds of rights, how to understand them and how to use them. During such events with children, we always reinforce the materials using interactive exercises. This allows not just listen to the course materials, but also to understand and reflect on the theme,’ says the coordinator of Cherkasy reception UHHRU and lawyer Taras Shcherbatiuk.


Of course, to provide children with information about human rights in general, and children’s rights, in particular, is an essential element in the educational process. The knowledge that children get during these sessions can be used in everyday life.

‘If their rights have been violated, they will understand what rights are violated and how to protect themselves from this, because during lessons we are trying to convey information and provide mechanisms to protect human rights and give contacts of human rights defenders and state services that take care,’ notes Taras Shcherbatiuk.

Protecting children’s rights is a priority of the reception, so the lawyers will continue to deliver information to children. Shortly, training with teachers and employees of educational institutions will be held.


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