The analysts of UHHRU spoke at the international roundtable on tolerance and minority rights

Last Thursday, November the 3d, Bohdan Moisa and Alla Blaha, the analysts of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, attended the round table “Two and a Half Years of Conflict, the Impact on Tolerance and Acceptance of Minorities.”

Bohdan Moisa and Alla Blaha, the analysts of UHHRU
Bohdan Moisa and Alla Blaha, the analysts of UHHRU

In particular, the human rights defenders presented the report “Rights of persons with disability in the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.”


The event was organized by the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine, which are co-coordinators of the Diversity Initiative network, as well as the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine. The roundtable was held at the President hotel in Kyiv.




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