The analysis of protection against torture and ill-treatment in Ukraine in 2016

We publish a part of the report “Human Rights in Ukraine – 2016” prepared by human rights organizations for your attention.

The section of the annual report Human Rights in Ukraine, prepared by human rights organizations, is dedicated to the protection against torture and ill- treatment, was prepared by Hanna Ovdiienko, a corporate lawyer of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

The common problems highlighted in the publication are the low level of medical care provision in the penitentiary system, extradition of foreigners to countries, where their life or health is endangered, and torture of detainees in police units. The total distrust of the police was highlighted as an important aspect.


As illustrative cases of ill-treatment, Hanna Ovdiienko mentioned the situation of beating a detainee in Kirovohrad Oblast and a witness in Kharkiv Oblast; torture in the Chernihiv pre-detention center; failure to provide medical care to prisoners suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis and those who need immediate surgical intervention; improper detention conditions and some others. In particular, the report analyzes cases that have occurred in the temporarily occupied territories, including the civilians.

In this article, the author analyzes the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, and the practice of domestic courts and law enforcement. Special attention is devoted to the case of Volyn counterfeiters, which took place in December last year. In conclusion, a series of specific recommendations was presented.

You can find the appropriate section of the report in details here.

The publication of the report is in author’s edition and is being constantly updated.

The publication is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

The photo was taken from the report “Hell Survivors” of the Coalition of human rights organizations “Justice for Peace in Donbas.” The background photo –

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