Text of the resolution of the participants of the Forum of public human rights protecting organizations “Human rights at elections”.

We, participants of the Forum of public human rights protecting organizations «Human rights at elections», demand from the participants of election process and from public to prevent, under any circumstances, the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms during the coming election of the President of Ukraine.

The power must seriously treat its duties aimed at the creation of proper conditions and guarantee the conduction of honest and democratic election in accordance with the European standards in this sphere.

All participants of the election process must make maximal efforts to prevent the application of any kind of violence, other methods of intimidation or other kinds of the illegal influence on the opponents.

Law-enforcing organs must assume the unbiased attitude to representatives of all political forces and impartially stop the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Law-enforcing and other supervisory organs may not be used for persecution of representatives of opposition or other political forces.

According to the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the public order during the conduction of mass meetings and demonstrations must be guaranteed by the state. So, the power organs may not replace the fulfillment of this duty by the tactics of prohibition of such actions.

We recommend to all law-enforcing and supervisory organs to desist from the actions, which would result in the suspension of work of mass media during the election campaign and to take measures for cessation of the attempts to impede the legal activities of journalists and mass media.

We express our anxiety about the wish of the power to hinder the activities of public organizations, whose work is directed towards the guaranteeing of honest election.

The mass media, journalists and other persons must thoroughly verify the information spread by them about the participants of the election process and to make maximal efforts for the prevention of spreading of the untrue information.

We turn to all participants of the election process with the appeal not to prefer their personal interests to the fundamental values, in particular, human rights and freedoms, and not to violate them under any circumstances.

We intend to conduct, during the election campaign, the enlightenment work for the improvement of knowledge of the participants of the election process about their rights, to carry out the consultations for the protection of their rights and freedoms, in particular, the right for mass peaceful assemblies and demonstrations, right for the access to information and freedom of expression, as well as for the defense of citizens from persecution or discrimination because of their political views.

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