Statement of the UHHRU on the persecution of human rights defenders in Crimea

On August 11, 2018, representatives of security forces of the occupying authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea performed a search at the home of the Crimean Solidarity activist Gulsum Aliyeva, daughter of political prisoner Muslim Aliyev.

These actions by Crimean law enforcement officers were sanctioned by Denys Izotenko, judge of the Russian-controlled Alushta Court, in connection with the opening of a criminal case under part 1, Article 282 of Russia’s Criminal Code (incitement to hatred or hostility, and degradation of human dignity). The reason given was the repost of Ivan Ilyin’s words regarding Russia.

According to lawyer Lilia Gemedzhi, this search was clearly selective, since the post was spread by 50 more people, yet no searches were performed in their homes.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union considers these actions by the occupying authorities a violation of the right to freedom of thought and expression (Articles 9 and 10 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms), and calls on law enforcement of the Russian Federation to close the fabricated case against Gulsum Aliyeva.

UHHRU appeals to the Government of Ukraine to take measures at the bilateral level in order to reduce Russia’s pressure on the Crimean population and to stop the persecution of human rights defenders in Crimea, as well as to raise the issue of systematic violations of the rights of human rights defenders in Crimea at the international level.

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