Statement of István Gajdos, MP, on his nomination for the Thistle of the Year – 2013

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union received a letter from István Gajdos, MP, regarding his nomination for the Thistle of the Year – 2013 as the author of ‘the most harmful legislative initiative in the field of human rights’. Here is the full text of the document.

I regret to learn that I have been nominated for this anti-award as a flagrant violator of human rights. But at the same time, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to highlight my position regarding the draft law that caused this situation.

I signed the above document trusting the authority of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, which initiated this draft law. However, when I studied its content and understood potential threats to ensuring and protecting human rights that may be caused by some of its provisions, I withdrew my signature.

Currently I'm not among the authors of the Draft Law # 3301, as is evidenced by the official website of the Ukrainian Parliament. This draft law has been registered in the Parliament prior to being properly reviewed by experts. I believe that any amendments to the Law ‘On Access to Public Information’ should be introduced only on the basis of proposals made by experts and journalists. Prior to submitting a draft law to the Parliament, we need to ensure an open discussion, engage relevant experts, and conduct round tables and committee hearings.  The general public and media should take part in drafting such amendments. On September 24, I made a public statement regarding my opinion on this issue in mass media.

Best regards,

People’s Deputy of Ukraine,                                                           І. Gajdos

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