SSU forbade the country to the Japanese Buddhist monk Terasava evidently at the request of FSS

Last night at the Polish border the Safety service of Ukraine (SSU) officers took out of train the famous Japanese Buddhist monk Jansey Terasava. At this his valid Ukrainian visa was annulled. Many participants and experts point out that this was done at the request of Russian special services.

At the border check-point in Mostysk frontier guards annulled visa of Terasava and put a stamp forbidding entering the country during the next five years. He was also shown the order signed by the junior lieutenant O. Pits stating the prohibition from the direction of SSU. 

The SSU press-service refused to comment it on, referring to the state secret, reports “Forum 18” informational agency. According to SSU, Terasava was forbidden the country yet in July 2002. Then it is absolutely not understandable why in his passport he was forbidden to enter the country till 2010? Since in this case the 5-year term would expire in 2007.     

“If he was not admitted, it means he had done something for it”, – said Maryna Ostapenko. She also objected that these actions were the result of the Russian FSS request.

Terasava stated that the prohibition to enter Ukraine is “unfair, ungrounded and anti-constitutional”.

SSU officials state that Terasava violated the Ukrainian legislation or is internationally searched, however representatives of the Buddhist Order Niponzan in Ukraine state there were no infringements during numerous visits of Terasava for the last 14 years, and he was refused to enter Ukraine due to the request of Russian special services which put him on the black list because of reconciliation actions and actions in support of peace in Chechnya in 2000.

The speaker of the Buddhist Order pointed out that once in 2004 Terasava already wasn’t admitted to Ukraine in the Boryspil airport, despite his valid visa. But he was in Ukraine in December after the Orange revolution. That’s why it’s not clear why now he was not allowed to enter the country again.

There is a question: why SSU is guided in its actions by requests of Russian special services?

The SSU speaker also singled out that currently about 6 thousand persons are forbidden to enter the country.

Among other religious activists who were forbidden the country are:

– the American Protestant David Bincly (entrance forbidden in Boryspil, despite his valid visa, simultaneously he was temporarily forbidden to enter Russia);

– the Orthodox priest of Bessrabian church, born in Ukraine citizen of Moldova father Nikolay Asarzhiu (expelled from the country and forbidden to enter the country for 5 years in 1998 because of violation of the legislation about religious organizations for working in his native village in Odesa region).



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