Putin was being reached from Kyiv

“Putin! Be brave and honest enough to punish the guilty in the mess”, “The power doing lawless actions depraves its own nation” today under these slogans a piquet by the Russian consulate in Kyiv addressed the President Putin. The picketers demanded to punish the militia в “mess” in Blahoveshchensk, Bashkiria.

The piquet was small in number and calm, citizens inertly reacted on the demonstrators, and militia was clearly bored. There was an attempt to pass the letter to Putin through the consulate representative who came out to the picketers, but he said it was to be sent by mail. The letter signed by at most 20 persons contained the demand to investigate the incident in Blahoveshchensk and punish the guilty.  

As it’s known, in Blahoveshchensk, Bashkiria, in December 2004 the so called в “cleanup” was done and as a result many citizens underwent tortures and cruel treatment or treatment disgracing human dignity. The state bodies listlessly investigate this case and in the opinion of the Moscow Helsinki Group do everything possible to prevent real culprit of the punitive actions from responsibility. Dissatisfied with the course of investigation and the power’s reaction victims came to Moscow and went on hunger strike on Pushkin square.

The action was held within the framework of solidarity with the citizens of Blahoveshchensk, similar actions organized by human rights organizations continue to take place throughout Russia. 

Dmytro Rabotiahin, the organizer of the piqueting, complained of the absence of the “human rights movement in Kyiv” explaining small quantity of picketers.

Vadym Hladchuk, a representative of the all-Ukrainian youth public organization “Youth – Hope of Ukraineв” soothed the organizer with the fact that the action will be noticed, the consulate will obligatory include it in the report and minimal effect will be achieved. “But generally the action should have been prepared better” he said at the end.


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