Problems of Human Rights Compliance in the Activities of Neuropsychiatric Boarding Houses

We offer you the conclusion on results of civic expertise of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine conducted by the UHHRU. The goal of the civic expertise is to study the conditions of boarding and human rights observation at neuropsychiatric boarding institutions of Ukraine.

Referring to the report of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and studies of NGOs it was necessary to state the violation of wards human rights at neuropsychiatric boarding institutions, which, in particular, caused by the actions of administration of institutions or in some cases by the existing legal regulations, i.e., are systemic. Of particular concern is the situation with the wards of neuropsychiatric boarding institutions in the territory of the antiterrorist operation.

Civic expertise is an integral part of the UHHRU analytical study on the rights of patients in psychiatric institutions in Ukraine that is carried out in the framework of the USAID Human Rights in Action Program.

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