Prisoners call for help

The RUPOR’s editorial office received a letter from Vinnytsia we are presenting below. We also have sent this letter to the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights, which informed us that they already were preparing an inquiry regarding it to the Ukrainian Ombudsman Nina Karpachova.

Good day, dear editorial staff!

Please publish this letter in your newspaper. We are appealing Yuliya Tymoshenko. We would like to mention in advance that we are writing this letter not to punish anyone of the administration (May God judge them!), but to stop this disorder. The matter concerns 81st and 86th zones.  

The administration urged us to vote for Yanukovych. At first we were given some gifts: cigarettes, tea, vermicelli soup (each of us) and warned: “We will beat everyone who would vote for Viktor Yushchenko”. But many of us voted for Viktor Yushchenko. And the chief of BBK-81 Mahomayev ordered to beat anyone who voted for Viktor Yushchenko. We were closed in an isolator and beaten every day. The isolator was full of blood. The administration’s beating was not registered and medical aid was not provided. We were beaten by relieving ensigns. When Baniuk was the chief of the department, there were no such cases. We were not beaten, not deprived of health, we called ensigns “cops”, but not “fascists” as we do now, and the camp Stryzhivka – “Oswencim”. They can beat for carrying your bread from the canteen; for anything, because they disliked your face! They force to morning exercises at any weather, including old and sick persons. People lose consciousness.  

The money we earn, which is added to our personal account, is not paid out after release, it is impossible to send it to our relatives, this money is only on paper. In the canteen menu is only for commissions, in reality – pigs are fed better! Though there is a subsidiary farming, but it is for the department. Dear editorial staff, please, publish this letter so that the President and the Prime-minister could read it. Help us! We are asking for your help!

At the zone 81-2 there was the detachment chief A. Bayakin, who was transferred to the zone 86. So he demanded eggs and condensed milk from prisoners, because he went in for sports. And if you came back after an appointment with relatives and didn’t give a snack to ensigns, you may think you are a kamikaze.  

Dear editorial staff, it is impossible to enumerate everything. It is impossible to send a complaint from these places, and those who complain are beaten and oppressed by all means. They make an infringer of a person, initiate a clause, increase term. We get mail with delays, opened. The administration doesn’t allot either soap, or any clothes. The law doesn’t concern them, they do what they want.

Help us, make this letter public. When a commission comes and asks about life in the zone, everyone keeps silent, everything is ok, since no one wants problems. This letter is our hope that everyone will learn the truth about human – prisoner’s – rights violations which take place here.

A range of prisoners. We cannot call our names.

Please, help!

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