MPs illegally interfere in the process of canceling the broadcasting license

Mister Karmazin sees the base for such an activity in gross violation of the article 37 of the Constitution of Ukraine, articles 2, 37, 39, 46 of the Law of Ukraine “About TV and radio broadcasting” and articles 46, 47 of the Law of Ukraine “About information” that was shown up in broadcasting open appeals to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and changing the borders of the country during the political meeting that was conducted on the 28th of November in Severodobetsk. 

But probably mister Karmazin forgot that this extreme sanction could be imposed only upon the decision of appropriate independent body – National Council of Ukraine on TV and radio broadcasting based on the facts that were proved by the court during considering the criminal charge. 

Therefore MP’s enquiry on this issue could be considered as illegal and it is not a proper ground for the National Council of Ukraine on TV and radio broadcasting to use proper means including canceling the broadcasting license for TRK “Ukraine”. Moreover, by sending this enquiry Karmazing threatens another civil liberty – freedom of expression. 

Viktoriya Onyschenko


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