Monday, 13th

Today is a hard day by definition. And such news in addition. At first, though in the evening yesterday, the General prosecutor told the whole country at UT-1 about investigation of the Gongadze case, and then Cherkasy was not lucky – a new detachment “Owl” was established. It consists of cops-pensioners to whom, according to their militia’s experience, the Minister is going to pay a premium for every solved “hanging” case, or leading such a case to trial, to be more precise.

Recognizing their guilt proves that we are moving in the right direction”, – singled out S. Piskun speaking about the course of investigation of the most resonance criminal case in Ukraine. 

It seems we have heard already that “confession is the main proof”, and before that – fingers into doors… Of course, it is not a statement that the detained/accused were tortured, but parallels in the rhetoric with the year 37 are obvious. By the way, did anyone hear names of the accused? And what about advocates and observing their constitutional right for defense? Won’t it be like with probable shot-firers of the Troyeshchyna market – they were provided advocates, but they all turned out to be recently fired militiamen. Though is just to be noted. At least this case is strictly observed by the Ukrainian and foreign community.

The second message from the law machinery is more alarming: the special militia detachment “Owl” was established under the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy region. Owl may symbolize wisdom as contrary to names of other militia special detachments – “Golden eagle”, “Hawk”, “Panther”. But one can scarcely believe it…

RUPOR already mentioned “dark” sides of this Kazakh innovation of the minister Lutsenko in Ukraine. Thought the idea will be forgotten as an unsuccessful PR-action. No, on the contrary – “analogous detachments sooner or later will act in each region of Ukraine”, – informed the chief of department for personnel of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy region Andriy Rohulsky.

Certainly, it is not difficult for us to repeat out questions to authors of this initiative:

Will such “pensioners”-investigators be distributed organic weapon, IDs and uniform?

Will they join the acting militiamen?

Won’t this initiative be transformed into making money by means of “specific methods” of investigation? Well, fingers into doors or something of the kind…

Knowing reality of militia’s work there are no illusions regarding possibility of violations of human rights in the work of this strange new body.

The week has started successfully, who will gladden tomorrow?

Mykola Kybalchych


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