Maternity benefit for children up to 3 years old is officially cancelled

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received the letter from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with explanation for interruption of pay-out of the maternity benefit for child up to the age of three years since July 1, 2014.

In this letter, the state body has actually confessed this benefit is being dissolved. Only families, which had first childbirth benefit amounted to UAH30,000 allocated only for 2 years, happened to be the only exception. And only in this case the benefit will remain to be the minimal amount (UAH130) for these last 12 months of the third year. Generally, it was done for the purpose of keeping service record for this year to such families.

Understandably, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine tries to show that as both optimization and improvement, and even further — showing it as its own achievement. But in fact, all this looks both ridiculously and tragically at the same time.

I already wrote about how the government has “increased” birth benefit right here:

And here is a sequent screed from the Ministry of Social Policy on how the state cares about families with children in which there isn’t a word about that vast number of families will be deprived of right for receiving the benefit for maternity.

In addition, sums of these losses are very big, they substantially exceed those “chump change” for certain families about whom the Ministry is reporting. Thus, if the maternity benefit was being paid in the utmost minimal amount (UAH130) then losses of every family will combine into almost UAH5 thousand in 3 years. And if a mother received this benefit in bigger amount (say, UAH500) so this mother will receive by UAH18,000 less. Then again, there are mothers who receive this kind of benefit in greater amount than UAH500. Everyone can check it…

It is due to point out in this context that this increased amount of the maternity benefit is received namely by those mothers which are the least protected and can receive it only because of very low income.

For many people cancellation of the maternity benefit remains non-understandable which by the essence was one of the most targeted benefits of all benefits for families with children. If the government has recoursed to substantial reduce of expenses for social sphere then ‘professional’ benefits for deputies, prosecutors and other kinds of help, which is provided with no dependence whether particular family needs this benefit or not, should have been shortened at first place and not at all maternity benefit. However, our government has made the other decision, by which for my opinion has significantly cut the amount of social security benefits for the most vulnerable groups of people.

I judge cancellation of the maternity benefit by the government and think the state should bring this kind of benefit back.

If you think in the same way — I hereby ask you to sign the respective petition:

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