“Live summon” for student

There are more facts of such violations of human rights than necessary. But we should cite just a few examples in order to imagine the format of such “means”. 

The press office of Donetsk regional election office of Victor Yuschenko informed about dismissal from pedagogical school of Tetyana Suvorova who was observer for Yuschenko at the local election station at the riding # 60 in Shakhtarsk of Donetsk region.

It was made without any reasons – the girl was studying good and regularly attended classes. Director of the school told Tetyana that she would better leave the town. 

Donetsk students who actively supported opposition candidate informed about the pressure from officials and teachers of educational institutions. It was mostly in professional and secondary schools of the regional center.

In Lugansk dismissals of the young people were not the extreme mean – they got beaten for their political views. One of examples of this is attack on the student of Lugansk National University Konstyantyn Kosenko. He was beaten, his documents were taken away and later he was dismissed from University. 

We shouldn’t even mention the reassure on PORA civic campaign activists.

Statements of the Ministry of Education and Science Vasyl Kremen about prohibition to dismiss students due to their political views or activity don’t influence neither tutors nor police officers.

New information about reassure on Ukrainian youth disturbs society again.

In the morning of 22nd of December officers of regional department of the Ministry of Interior detained the activist if students resistance movement without giving any reason. As the Student’s Brotherhood of Sumy informs the guy was taken from the classes in technical school where he studies. After being asked to show the summon the officer replied: ”I am your live summon” after that Andriy was sent for a “chat” to regional police department. The cell phone was taken away from him and there is no possibility to talk to him. Youth coalition “Our Ukraine”, organization “Chysta Ukraina” and also Student’s Brotherhood are going to place picket near regional police department if Andriy Kotlyar won’t be released and also if the reasons for detention won’t be explained.   

But there are positive steps in resolving the hot issue of violating the political rights of Ukrainian students.

According to press office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Prosecutor’s office in Sumy region initiated several criminal cases regarding the facts of violating the free performing of election rights, the “students” cases are among them.

According to preliminary check the criminal case is initiated against the officials of Sumy National Agrarian University for actions provided by part 2 of article 157 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – making obstacles to free performing of election rights by officials.  

We want to believe that practice of punishing responsible in human rights violations will become the rule in our country. Especially it concerns the rights of youth who will build our future. People who now rule the country decide whether Ukraine will be democratic with high legal standards or today’s youth will pay for those dirty games of Ukrainian government.  

Olena Holyuk


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