Launch of All-Ukrainian Collective Safety Network “zakhysTY” (Protect)

On November 30, 2018 at 12:00 in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center the presentation of the system of collective safety of the activists “zakhysTY” took place.

We create an open list of people, involved in the activities of public importance and requiring protection. The idea is to prevent attacks and pressure, and not just respond to them.

The project is launched at the initiative of Vyzvolennia Movement with the participation of the partner-organizations: Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU), Ternopil Human Rights Protection Group and the network of volunteer lawyers.

Everyone who defends public interests and is ready to help others can join the initiative. For that you just have to fill in the questionnaire:


  1. To be included into the public list for protection you need to fill in the questionnaire:
  2. For those who can provide legal consultations / protection:
  3. Open list of the people we protect:

The collective safety network “zakhysTY” is the platform for prevention and response to any attacks and pressure on the activists.

How does it work? – we create an open list of the activists in Ukraine for prevention of attacks and pressure on them. We believe that publicity and attraction of attention to the activities of certain activists can prevent possible attacks. In case of threats, persecution, assaults we provide legal, psychological and financial support. All activists willing to join the list and feeling at risk because of the public activities shall first fill in the questionnaire to be included into the network for protection. In case of risk the members of the network address provided contacts and report about the risk.

Tasks of the network:

  • Prevent the assaults.
  • Protect the activists that suffered.
  • Join efforts of the activists, lawyers and all citizens for protection of civil rights and freedoms.

We invite everybody who can protect people, which need such protection, to join us.

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