In Zaporizhia, the seminar on preparation of guides for the traveling educational exhibition “Everyone Has the Right to Know Their Rights” took place

 On April 13-14 Zaporizhia Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education hosted the seminar on preparation of guides for the traveling educational exhibition.

Participants of the workshop were students of Zaporizhia National University (ZNU), Zaporizhzhya National Technical University (ZNTU) and Classical Private University (CPU).


During the workshop, participants not only became familiar with the exhibition stands, but also widely discussed human rights.

Generally, the material of the stands of the exhibition consists of three main parts:

The first block includes philosophy, history, and evolution of human rights. Information on the panels of this block is aimed at disclosing the content of the basic provisions of the human rights concept. The material of the panels was supported by images of historical figures and events, links to historical documents, and quotes of prominent personalities.


The second block is dedicated to specific standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Each panel contains expressions of young people, a short context of certain notions about the European Court of Human Rights, the explanation of the law, steps to protect human rights, visual objects that can reveal the meaning of the term.

The third block is specific and tells about the Rights of the Child: about the understanding of the history and evolution of the Rights of the Child, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The first panel depicts the history of the formation of the Rights of the Child, the second panel reveals the essence of the concept of the Rights of the Child, and the third one contains the information about the Convention.




The travelling educational exhibition “Everyone Has the Right to Know Their Rights”, as well as the guideline to work with it, were developed in 2011 by the NGO MART, the UHHRU member organization, with support from the International Renaissance Foundation, using expert materials and within the framework the action plan of the Ukraine-wide educational program “We Understand Human Rights”, as one of the steps to respond to the need for a systematic approach to human rights education. It enables to use these products as supplementary materials for learning and encourage discussion of human rights issues.

NGO “MART” is a non-political non-profit organization, focusing on civil society development, as well as human rights education, monitoring of human rights observance, public interests advocacy through mechanisms of human rights protection. 

The Ukraine-wide traveling educational exhibition “Everyone Has the Right to Know Their Rights” organized within the framework of initiatives implemented by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the Human Rights First project, supported by Global Affairs Canada and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Human Rights in Action programme, a part of the national educational program  “We Understand Human Rights”.

The American people, through USAID, have provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for nearly 50 years. In Ukraine, USAID provides assistance in areas such as economic development, democracy and governance, health and social sector. Since 1992, the US Agency for International Development has provided Ukraine with technical and humanitarian assistance worth 1.8 billion US dollars. More information about USAID programs in Ukraine is available on the official website of USAID and Facebook


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