In Kryvyi Rih police warned students about the danger of social activism

Parents of students in our city sent the following message to the Kryvyi Rih Human Rights Association:

“On February 6, 2014, a group of students of the Pedagogical institute of the Kryvyi Rih National University were summoned to the deputy president of the University. Students learned about that from their Instructor several days prior to this meeting. They were told nothing regarding the purpose of the meeting.  

The meeting was held at the conference-hall. The deputy president of the University, the group of students and two representatives of the Kryvyi Rih criminal police were in attendance. Over an hour the policemen were having what they have called a ‘conversation of trust’ with the students. The conversation was meant to impart the following message: ‘such active and brilliant students as you should study rather than be involved in politics, because political activities are meant for politicians; students should not let anybody involve them into political activities, because their social activism may make them target for provocateurs.’ That was the main thrust of the conversation. When asked why the representatives of criminal police decided to talk to this very group of students, the policemen failed to provide any clear explanation. The policemen only said that the information about these students was obtained at the website of the students’ association ‘Studentskiy Front’.

We, the parents, are deeply concerned by such activities of the law enforcement conducted at educational facility. We believe that such lawlessness unreasonably violates the students’ right to study and to have their own civic position! Why do our children have to be subjected to such a stress and be under suspicion for no reason? They have never been engaged in conduct that would make them criminally liable. Why do they have to listen to such ‘preventive talks’ designed to make them politically indifferent to what is happening in our society?”

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