If you are at home, you have the Internet and you want to help Ukraine!

If you are at home, you have the Internet and you want to help Ukraine:
1. You can help to like and spread our information on FB – reposts – the information is verified and serves to support the self-consolidation of Ukrainians against aggression. Your likes and reposts will help you overcome FB algorithms. It’s also great to repost information by translating it into languages ​​you know.
2. Sign up for Twitter and spread our information in English – – it is very important that this tweet and hashtags that we indicate in them become popular with international partners. Translations of these tweets and their publication in any language you know will also help!
The main requirements for international partners: to close the sky over us and disconnect the Russian Federation from the international banking system S.W.I.F.T. #standwithUkraine #CloseTheSky #NoFlyZone 

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