“Human Rights in Ukraine – 2015”. Infographics booklet

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union together with partner organizations prepared a graphical summary of the annual report.

In March 2016, human rights organizations published the annual report ‘Human Rights in Ukraine – 2015’. They traditionally devoted it to the analysis of the situation in more than 30 thematic areas. However, taken into account the high pace of changes in the state, UHHRU modified the traditional format of the report and prepared the separate review in the field of human rights in the first half of 2015. This approach, in spite of all the organizational difficulties, allowed tracing the complexity of civil society interaction with the authorities.

Today the UHHRU team together with partner organizations is pleased to introduce another product that can help media professionals to navigate the dynamics of human rights trends better. In a pilot edition, we have prepared a graphical summary of the annual report, developed in the form of a booklet with illustrated infographics. Like the annual report, the booklet is prepared with financial support of the Government of Sweden and the Open Society Foundation.

Given all positive and controversial aspects of this format, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions on this new form of presentation of the annual analysis in the field of human rights.

Download the booklet HERE.

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