Human rights defenders addressed Crimean schoolchildren, “Mordor times shall definitely end”

Dear Crimean schoolchildren and students! Dear Crimean teachers!

Crimean public organisations congratulate you with the First of September!

The First of September Day is the way forward. The way that must not always be smooth and free of obstacles. It happened so that today we are divided by blockposts and “borders”, but the more valuable our desire for unity is. We should not be discouraged, we should not lose faith.

The “Mordor” times shall definitely end and we shall raise the Ukrainian flag at school parades again. We shall sing our national anthem together again. We understand how difficult it is for you, being faithful to your Homeland, to continue studies on the occupied territory. But remember, Ukrainian state institutions and public organisations do everything possible to provide you with distant learning opportunities, to enable you to stay in the Ukrainian educational field, take external independent testing in any suitable form, to enter or transfer to Ukrainian higher institutions. The State of Ukraine is with you and it guarantees the right to education to each of you.

We can assure You that the whole country supports You, and any time the whole country is ready to offer help, as we truly believe in the magic power of the Crimean motto “Prosperity is in unity!”

With You, we shall advance towards the high global standards of education.

You remain Free citizens of the Free country.

CCE Almenda

The Crimean Centre for Business and Cultural Cooperation “Ukrainian House”

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

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