Human rights activists will monitor the elections

75 mobile groups will work in the project in 10 regions of the country: Crimea (4 groups), Sevastopol (1 group), Kharkiv and Lugansk region (15 group in each region), Kherson and Mykolayiv region (10 groups each), Vinnytsya, Dnipropetrovsk (Kryvyi Rih), Sumy and Chernihiv regions (5 groups in each). 

There will be lawyer, journalist and driver with the car in each group. The forms for appeals in case of typical violations will be prepared in advance; also attorneys will be invited in case of complicated matters. During voting on the 26th of December and also during the ballots counting the mobile groups will perform observation and filming. The work will be organized in the following way: the group arrives at election station upon the call regarding the violation from the station. The journalist will do the filming, the lawyer will draw the act about violation and then information will be handled to attorney who will be on duty in the local court. Attorney will apply to the court and in case of need to the prosecutor’s office. After the monitoring all video materials will be given to Rule of Law Foundation in Kyiv for producing the film about violations during elections, for hearings in the local courts and also appealing decisions in the courts of appeal etc. 

The project start its work from the round-table for the lawyers on the 22 of December where the legal matters and the typical violations of provisions and principles of election law during the election campaign, voting on the 31st of October and 21st of November, counting the results in CEC ans also important moments of applying the Law of Ukraine “About election of the President of Ukraine” during repeated voting on the 26th of December will be discussed, namely what kind of dirty election manipulations could be used and possible reaction to them. Also the methodology of civic monitoring and its algorithm will be discussed.   

The project is carried out by the Association of public organizations Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and administrated by Kharkiv Human Rights Group. There are many organizations participating in the project, among them: Lugansk regional organization of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Sevastopol Human Rights Group, Kherson City Aassociation of Journalists “Pivden”, Center for Regional Politics Research (Sumy), Chernigiv Public Committee for Human Rights Protection, Vinnytsya Human Rights Group, Institution of Social Research (Simpheropol), Kherson regional organization of the Committee of the Voters of Ukraine.   

Viktoriya Onyschenko


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