HRA COP Taras Tsymbrivskyy on court ruling abolishing compulsory verification for IDP pensioners and transitional justice model in Ukraine

On 23 July, HRA COP Taras Tsymbrivskyy in media interview to UATV channel gave voice to Program’s activities in response to human rights violations stemming out from the armed conflict. 

In particular, he covered the issue of legal aid provision to the conflict-affected people and drew attention to the latest HRA achievement – court ruling abolishing compulsory verification for IDP pensioners. Besides, he dwelled on the legal challenges in terms of armed conflict qualification (especially in view of the cases being currently under investigation by international courts) as well as disclosed some basic information concerning HRA future plans in terms of introducing transitional justice model in Ukraine.

UATV channel intro

The USAID provides support for The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, an umbrella coalition of 27 human rights organizations, works to protect, empower, and advocate for human rights defenders and organizations. The aim? Improving accountability for human rights abuses and war crimes arising from the conflict in eastern Ukraine and from the illegal annexation of Crimea. To talk more about this, we’re joined in the studio today by Taras Tsymbrivsky, he’s the head of the USAID program “Human rights in Action“.

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