HRA COP Taras Tsymbrivsky on how to deal with consequences of the armed conflict

HRA COP Taras Tsymbrivsky (UHHRU) talks on transitional justice on the air of UATV English

Over the past 4 years that Ukraine has been a part of an armed conflict with Russia the main question on the agenda was how to live in the country that is in the middle of a war. However, post-conflict period is no less important for Ukrainian society. The Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and International Relations of Ukraine, with the support of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the USAID program “Human Rights in Action”, has held a round table, called “Transitional justice as a way to overcome the consequences of conflict and armed aggression”. Taras Tsymbrivsky, Head of USAID ‘Human Rights in Action Program’ (UHHRU), joined UATV to talk more about this.

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