HIV/AIDS patients could lose out through dodgy Health Ministry tender


Civic activists are calling on the Health Ministry to reconsider the results of tenders for the purchase of antiretroviral drugs for treating people with AIDS / HIV.  A number of organizations have addressed an open letter to Minister of Health Raisa Bohatyryova explaining why the overpricing by the winning bidder will effectively deprive around 20 thousand people of a full year’s treatment.  

“We are extremely concerned by the prices which the Health Ministry has accepted for the purchase of a number of medicines. Attention is particularly drawn to the prices accepted for the following:

Zidovudin [AZT] 300 mg + Lamivudin (ZTS) 150 mg. No. 60;

Efavirents 200 mg. No 90;

Efavirents 600 mg. No. 30;

Lamivudin (ZTS) 150 mg. No. 60;

Tenofovir (TDF) 300 mg. No. 30;

Tenofovir 300 mg. + Emtritsitabin 200 mg. No. 30;

Neviralin (NVP) 200 mg. No. 60

In comparing the prices for the above antiretroviral drugs in the report on the official website “Public Procurement” with the prices at which the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH bought the drugs in 2012 it is clear that the Health Ministry may be buying these drugs at a much higher price (the comparison is provided as an appendix to the letter – translator).

As a result of this procurement, there is a strong risk that 36.78 million UAH of public funding will be overspent. .

According to our estimate, this money saved could buy additional first-order antiretroviral drugs for treating around 20 thousand patients for one year.

Since the signing of this agreement is planned for 9-11 August we call on you to use lawful options and hold additional talks with the successful bidders in order to get the price reduced.

Thanks to your impetus on this it would be possible to save the lives of another 20 thousand people living with HIV, as well as preventing over-spending of public funding.

The letter is signed by the Advisory Council of Communities on Access to Medical Treatment in Ukraine; the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH; the International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine; the Coalition of HIV Organizations; and the Public Health Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation. 

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