Health Ministry of Ukraine: the first video course on the rights of people living with HIV was launched

The first video course on the rights of people living with HIV is designed to help HIV-positive people know their rights and learn to recognize key violations. The course will also be useful to medical and social workers, human rights defenders, civil society activists, police officers and government officials.

The course consists of 6 subjects (discrimination, family rights, medical rights, social rights, communication with the police, and protection of rights). The subjects are presented in the format of expert-delivered video lectures, thematic interviews, practical tests and special information notes.

Find the video course here

The project was conceived by the 100% Life charitable foundation. The content creators are experts of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and Tetiana Krasnopolska, specialist on treatment programs for HIV and hepatitis of the Public Health Center of Ukraine’s Health Ministry.

“There is an unprecedented situation in Ukraine today when the government together with NGOs and with the support of donors have ensured all conditions for overcoming the HIV epidemic in Ukraine. But even now, when we encounter information about HIV, it almost always is of a negative nature. It is therefore extremely important to ensure free access to information about HIV for everyone. It should be made clear that HIV diagnosis, treatment and prevention is simple, fast and free of charge. You have the right to know about your situation, to receive quality treatment and to live a full life,” says Tetiana Krasnopolska.

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