First human rights advocacy video course on the rights of people living with HIV was launched in Ukraine

At the initiative of Charitable Organization “100 Percent of Life”, special project about and for the people living with HIV and people closely related to them was launched. The materials of the video course will be also useful for medical and social workers, human rights activists, civil society activists, policemen, officials. This special project was created in response to their request.

 “Know Your Rights” is aimed at:

а) helping in understanding of the basic and most important human rights of the people living with HIV;

b) training in differentiating the key violations of the rights;

c) revealing effective and efficient mechanisms, algorithms, important aspects of human rights protection of the people living with HIV.

The special project comprises 6 topics: discrimination, family law, right to healthcare, social rights, communication with police, protection of the rights. It contains expert video lectures, thematic interviews, practical tests and special reference information. The authors of the content are the experts of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union: Natalia Kozarenko, Olena Protsenko, Andriy Galai, Maxym Yeligulashvili. Tetyana Krasnopolska from the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was also involved in the development of the “Know Your Rights”.

«Human rights  – these words can sometimes be incomprehensible, as the scope of this notion is not finally defined: what does it mean personally for each of us. Our organization and me personally for many years in a row are fighting for human rights in Ukraine and beyond. The right to be an individual, which deserves respect and able to get this respect. Right to work, education, freedom, movement. Fundamental right on which the civilized world is built: to have your point of view and express it. A lot of people are ready to spend their lives in imprisonment in order not to be deprived of this right. It is not just worth fighting for – it is worth living for”, – persuaded Dmytro Sherembey, Head of the Coordination Council of the Charitable Organization “100 Percent of Life”.

The developer of the special project was the online education studio EdEra, created in the spring of 2014. By their efforts over 20 online courses, 11 interactive textbooks and 12 special projects were created.

At the beginning of 2018, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, EdEra developed a unique “Online course for the primary school teachers” used by over 165 thousand trainees.

Video course “Know Your Rights” is a part of the complex project “Accelerating Ukraine’s Efforts to End HIV” (HealthLink), implemented from the autumn 2017 in 12 regions of Ukraine by the efforts of Charitable Organization “100 Percent of Life” in partnership with Alliance for Public Health. The main objective of the five year HealthLink project is accelerating of the process of overcoming the HIV epidemic in Ukraine due to an opportunity of testing for HIV quickly and securely and starting the treatment as soon as possible. The project has 2 overall directions: services provision for clients and advocacy activities at the national and regional levels. Together these directions will ensure sustainable services provision and services to patients with the financial support from the state and in the partnership with the public sector. You can find more information about the project here.

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