Family with many children wins important case against Lviv authorities


It took the Kiselyov family three years of drawn-out court proceedings, to gain justice. All that time the Kiselyovs argued to the Lviv City Council that with three children, they were entitled to large family status and the according benefits. Officials disagreed, for which they will now have to pay the family 5 thousand UAH in compensation.

Representatives of the Lviv City Council had deprived the parents of their benefits claiming that they did not constitute a family with many children. This is despite the fact that they are married and are bringing up three children from a previous marriage.

During the court hearing, the representative of the City Council also asked for the suit to be rejected on the grounds that the state has limited resources, and money for social guarantees has not been allocated.

The court found these arguments unconvincing and declared the actions of the Lviv City Council to be unlawful.

Writ proceedings in the case have already been initiated, therefore the family will soon receive compensation for their treatment over several years by officialdom.

The case was supposed by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.


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