Extradition of victims of political persecution to their countries of origin: Ukrainian realities

On October 20 at 12:00, at the Glavkom press center (8/20 Shovkovychna Str.), the press conference of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group titled “Extradition of victims of political persecution in their countries of origin: Ukrainian realities! will be held.

The procedure of extradition and asylum system in Ukraine, and established practice of the application of law creates favorable conditions for the extradition of political refugees to their countries of origin, in particular, to the aggressor country – the Russian Federation and other authoritarian countries of the former Soviet Union, where they face death, torture, forced disappearance, and long term imprisonment.

The press conference will consider the case of known opposition journalist detained in Ukraine: Narzullo Okhunzhonov, who is being pursued by the authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan and Fikrat Huseynov (Huseynli), who is being pursued by the authorities of Azerbaijan.


Refat Chubarov – People’s Deputy of Ukraine, and Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

Boris Zakharov (KHPG, UHHRU)

Oleksii Fedorov – Attorney of Narzullo Okhunzhonov

Dmytro Mazurok – Attorney of Fikrat Huseynov

A representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office

A member of the Okhunzhonov family


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